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Through the parties, Shaina and Kayti not only learned there was excitement around CBD, but that moms had a clear preference for how to take it: a beautifully packaged tasty edible that felt like a treat at the end of a long day.


From the start, Shaina and Kayti knew that quality was their foundation, so they painstakingly vetted over twenty CBD growers and manufacturers to find the best fit. They spent nine months developing their own proprietary gumdrop recipe and another two months perfecting the process and packaging. In May of 2019, the moms from Molly Jones officially debuted their high quality CBD gumdrops to rave reviews.


Having gotten their start with informational parties, Shaina and Kayti still strongly believe that education around cannabis is essential to a positive experience. That’s why they recently launched Bloom + Bliss, an educational arm to Molly Jones that shares perspectives, insights, and lessons on how modern moms can live a balanced life. Hint: cannabis helps.