8 Cannabis Skin Care Products to Try Right Now

Cannabis skin care, so hot right now. New products are coming out daily and span the gamut in uses, effects, and applications. Since too much information can be overwhelming, we’ve drilled it down to the 8 most common cannabis skin care uses and threw in our favorite products for each. The best part? Everything can be bought online.

Shop now, your skin will thank you later.

Note: Molly Jones is not affiliated with any of the below products, we just really like them.

CBD Face oil

Golden or amber in color, a CBD oil can be used directly as a night serum or can be added to your scrubs, face masks, or foundation for instant hydration and rejuvenation.

CBD Body Cream

To be used in place of your normal lotion, a non-greasy CBD infused cream with an entirely plant-based formula can leave your skin feeling replenished and supple.

CBD Body Soap

Replenish your skin with CBD the easy way by stocking the shower with a bar of CBD soap.Looks, feels, and smells like normal soap, but adds an extra CBD punch.

CBD Topicals and Balms

Typically thicker than a cream, topicals and balms are the best method for a targeted area that needs instant pain relief. Many use these to treat aching feet or joints and to soothe cramped muscles.

Hemp CBD Lip Balm

Often considered the gateway CBD beauty product, CBD infused lip balms are the best way to try out this trend. They work to hydrate and moisturize chapped and dry lips and are available in fresh flavors.

CBD Exfoliating Cleanser

An easy way to treat your skin to CBD is to swap out your cleanser for a CBD-infused exfoliating cleanser.

CBD Bath Bombs

Come for the “me time,” stay for the glowing skin. Drop into the bathtub and soak for 30+ minutes to let the CBD absorb into the skin.

Transdermal Patches

Good for the skin, even better for the spirit. CBD patches are placed over any venous area to both moisturize the skin and allow the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream. In this way, a CBD patch can offer the additional effect of calming anxiety or stress.

For tips on how CBD helps with glowing skin, as well as what to look for when buying CBD skin care products, read up on Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis for Skin Care.

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