Spotlight On: The Tincture, 3 Ways

Tinctures are the perfect Mom Juice - discreet, reliable, smokeless, calorie-less, and fast acting. If you need a good night's sleep or want to relax without that high-calorie glass of wine, a CBD-Rich Tincture is where it's at.  

There are 3 ways to consume your tincture:

  1. Sublingually - Kicks in within 15 minutes. Drop under tongue, wait 30 seconds, swallow.

  2. Orally - Wait time akin to an edible (30-60+ minutes). Drop into mouth and swallow.

  3. Infused - Wait time akin to an edible. Add or bake into any food or beverage and eat.

Remember to start low and go slow.  Start with a half-dropper and build up to full dropper when you're ready. 

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